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Shipping & Returns


NOTICE-  At Checkout, you are required to check a box accepting our “terms and conditions”  Checking this box is a binding contract between you and  All of our requirements are detailed below. 

*Orders of less than 350 square feet will have an additional $100 handling fee added to the order.  Orders below 350 square feet will not be eligible for any discounts if handling fee is waived. If you are simply ordering more flooring and have previously purchased flooring, then we will waive the handling fee and honor the current discount.

Sales promotions apply to in-stock flooring only, and do not include:

  • Flooring without a price listed.
  • Unfinished flooring.
  • Flooring listed on the "DEALS" page.
  • Any US Floors LLC COREtec product. 
  • Kryptonite Vinyl products.
  • Only one applicable promo per order. If an order is processed with double promos or incorrect promo that is not applicable to the product - Indefinite 5% will be deducted if orders are cancelled after our credit cards batch out. If the order is cancelled in the same day, then there will be no penalty. 
  • Free Shipping sales promos are applicable to standard delivery within the 48 contiguous states. If your delivery has extenuating circumstances and requires specialized freight service then additional charges will apply.  
  • Orders regarding Bruce, Armstrong, and Somerset products cannot be canceled for any reason. You may need to call and check stock ahead of placing your order to confirm availablity to decide if this will meet your timeframe of need.

Old Stock vs. New Stock - When ordering flooring, be sure to order the exact model number you need. If you are wanting to match up to existing flooring it is important to discuss this with us. Products can change without notice, so clarifying with current samples is required. Taking this step avoids any extra expense that a client may incur due to errors in ordering. Note: a model # FH301 will not be same product as a model # FH301-2

Stocks vs. Backorders - Not all items on our website are currently available to ship right away. If items are backordered by the manufacturer we can provide you their estimated time of arrival for a product. We are not responsible for changes to these estimated times of arrival.  We can provide you with the information given to us, beyond that; we are simply at the mercy of the manufacturer and whatever changes occur on their end.

Sample orders – Ordering a sample is a requirement for products that are not available in the retail market. If you order a sample, you will get one sample. If you are concerned about color variation, you need to buy multiple samples so we can provide a visual idea of shade variations. Do not make the mistake of assuming we will automatically provide variation samples without your request. To ensure that you receive samples showing variation, you are required to order multiples of that sample. Sometimes, samples are not available or are out of stock. In this event, we will send you alternative options that are similar to your request.

Pictures - WeShipFloors website photos are for reference only.  Products should not be ordered solely from these images.  Please view a sample before ordering.  WeShipFloors is not responsible for orders that do not match online photography.  If a return of product is granted, then return charges will apply for products returned for this reason.

Sample order Exception: Samples of common retail goods are not required for a sale. For example, Coretec products are typically visible out in the retail market. You can simply place your order for this type of common good by searching for the model number.

All orders are final upon receiving payment. If you choose to cancel your order, there will be a 25% restocking and handling fee or a 5% processing fee depending upon if the product has shipped yet.  If you cancel your order after the product is in transit, you will be responsible to pay for any costs associated with turning the freight truck around to return back to the shipping warehouse. Credit card fees will be charged to you if your order batches out of our system.

Shipping promotions. If you have a commercial address we can likey reduce the shipping cost. Give us a call to check on a possible reduced rate. Any free shipping promotions will be on the flooring only. If you need accesories or trim pieces, these have to be shipped with a shipping fee. We do not discount or offer free shipping on any accessories or trims.

WeShipFloors ships directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse or from our inventory in Johnson City, TN.  The manufacturer charges us the same percentage for returns. If you cancel in enough time that we can stop the shipment from leaving the manufacturers warehouse, we will waive the restocking fee that applies. If the order has already been picked up by the Carrier, all shipping fees will be charged for both the ship out and return.  The refund amount, with or without the restocking fee will only be given once the material arrives at our location or the manufacturers warehouse.  All special order items not stocked by WeShipFloors or WeShipFloors vendors cannot be returned.  A DEFINITE 5% CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEE WILL APPLY ON ALL CANCELED ORDERS. Note: Some orders can take up to 2 weeks to ship out.

Trims - all trims listed are described as the piece that coordinates with the flooring. All trims are provided by the manufacturer and are considered industry standards. Stairnose are typically 3" deep, while thershold, tmold, and reducers are 2" deep. If you are looking for a size outside of the industry standard, we may be able to have a custom size fabricated for you. Please contact us to inquire on custom trims and stair treads to go with your flooring.

Return Policy 

ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS -  A lot of the flooring we have taken back has been in terrible condition when we receive it.  
We've received back flooring that has:
-  open boxes
-  is taped up with meatpackers white tape
-  has been nailed down
-  has been left outside in the rain
We cannot sell these floors when they are received back in poor condition.

We've reached the point that if we accept back returns we're going to have to raise prices.   So in order to keep prices low, we are no longer going to take returns.   

Shipping & Returns

  • By signing the delivery Bill of Lading, you are confirming receipt of the correct product and the correct quantity with no packaging issues or damage.    
  • You MUST confirm that the delivery contains the correct product and quantity ordered before signing Bill of Lading.
  • Any damage, shortage or abnormality MUST be notated on the Bill of Lading and signed by the driver along with a claim code. All intentions of filing a claim must be reported to us within 24 hours of delivery.
  • Any additional labor or expenses needed to move product once off the delivery truck is the sole responsibility of the customer
  • VERIFY SHIPMENT BEFORE YOU SIGN THE BILL OF LADING - Once the shipment paperwork has been signed it is yours and no shipping/delivery claims can be filed.
  • If there is an apparent issue with your shipment, please call us immediatly while the driver is still there at 1-844-356-6711
  • Replacement of freight damaged product is at the sole discretion of   Boxes where the vast majority of flooring within is usable will NOT be replaced.   Slight damage is covered via your flooring waste factor.  
  • Redelivery of a preset appointment will result in re-delivery fees charged by the freight company. These fees have to be paid before a new appointment can be established.

All products are shipped direct from our manufacturer’s warehouse via common carrier.  Once the product ships, a tracking number will be generated to enable you to track your shipment.  This tracking number is listed on your invoice confirmation. Then, the shipping company will call you and schedule a delivery time and date. Guaranteed shipments do not get a phone call appointment, they are geared to ship directly without notice.

All residential deliveries are CURB-SIDE deliveries, so please note that a residential delivery does not include the product being brought inside the house or even unloaded off the truck. We use common carriers on all our shipments, so the drivers are not required to unload it.  Be mindful of delivery challenges for large freight trucks, if you have a situation that could pose difficult delivery, you need to make adequate arrangements to support these challenges. Lift gate service can be provided for an additional charge, otherwise, the cartons must be taken off the pallet one by one, or a forklift can be used by the receiving party. 

Delivery appointments - It is the purchasers responsibility to be available or have someone present for signing and inspection at time of delivery. Delivery times can vary depending on terminal workload and scheduling limitations. Re-deliveries incur additional expense, it is important to maintain your scheduled appointment. 

Even though we strive to make sure that your product gets there all in one piece, sometimes cartons do get damaged during the delivery process.  Make sure to make a note of every carton damaged on the driver's delivery receipt otherwise no claim can be filed.  AGAIN -ALL DAMAGE MUST BE NOTATED ON SHIPPING DOCUMENT OR NO DAMAGE CLAIM CAN BE FILED AND NO REPLACEMENT WILL BE SENT!  Freight Carriers require that we salvage all the good material in the boxes.  Thus, the replacement cartons will have to equal the DAMAGED PORTION to the nearest greater number of cartons.  For example, if there are three cartons damaged, but only 10 individual boards are damaged between the three, we will send you one carton.  WE DO NOT DELIVER ON SATURDAYS OR SUNDAYS!

Shipping typically takes 3-7 business days, and in some rare cases even longer.  Please check with a salesperson for an estimated shipping time period. These are estimated shipping times and we are not responsible for delays that could affect installation schedules. DO NOT SCHEDULE INSTALLATION UNTIL YOU RECEIVE YOUR ORDER IN ITS ENTIRETY

As with all freight line delivered products, sometimes damages occur.  By placing an order with us, you are assuming the risks that could be involved when using freight line services.  We do not issue any credits or refunds due to shipment delays, damaged shipments or freight line delays that result in delay of project timeline.  


  • Claims can be filed on eligible damaged shipments that have supporting detailed photos, tangible damaged product kept as it was received, and reported damages within 24 hours of receipt of shipment.  
  • Not all items shipped can be damage claimed.
  • There are time limits to file a claim based on what shipper was used at the time. This is limited with some carriers at 5 days, while other carriers allow a little more time.
  • If you need more product, you will need to pay for what you need.  We will file a claim on your behalf, if a claim is awarded to us we will provide a check refund based on the reward of that claim.
  • Claims will be pending verification of damaged goods. If filing a claim you must set aside the damaged goods and these items become the property of the shipper. 
  • Damaged goods will have to be returned to the shipping terminal for evaluation of actual damage. All damaged boxes must be in their original state with all contents included.

All statements herein are policy statements supporting Hardwood Distribution LLC (HD) and (WSF).  HD & WSF reserve the right to cancel any order for any reason at any time.  

If you have any questions about our shipping policy or process, please contact us right away at 1-844-356-6711 or email [email protected]

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