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A conversation about moisture levels in hardwood floors & shipping costs

  • Client

    Hi, I'm wondering what the moisture content is in this wood, and also how well this wood holds up in the Midwest, with large swings in humidity (even though the house has a humidifier in winter & AC in summer)?

  • We Ship Floors

    All flooring should be from 5-9% moisture content when you open the box

  • It should be gaining moisture during acclimation.......growing in size

  • What wood are you looking at?

  • Client

    The acacia (solid) varieties

  • We Ship Floors

    Ok.....one of our most popular

  • Yeah Minneapolis is crazy humid in the summer.....must be those 10,000 lakes....lol

  • Client

    Yes.. actually 12,000+ but we don't like to brag. Do you ship much of this to the Midwest (I'm in MN), and have you heard of any long-term problems w/installation in this area? Also, what are your shipping costs?

  • We Ship Floors

    Shipping is based totally on how much you are buying

  • Client

    Would be around 800 sq. ft- around $3600-$4300. And is there sales tax?

  • We Ship Floors

    No sales tax.....will offset most of the shipping cost

  • This would ship from out Atlanta facility. Your freight would be about $400

  • We have this in both solid and engineered

  • Client

    Thank you, have a good day.



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