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Strandwoven Bamboo Flooring

Strandwoven bamboo floors from WeShipFloors are the end result of years of innovation with partners that have revolutionized the bamboo flooring industry. With our customers in mind, we strive to bring them the best, most durable bamboo on the market.

Why WeShipFloors?

- We carry a select few strand woven bamboo floors known for its unique patterning and durability.

- You'll have a bamboo floor that can be installed easily, almost anywhere in your home or work space.

- Strandwoven bamboo is an environmentally sustainable product.

Industry Innovation

With WeShipFloors line of bamboo flooring products, you get is a consistent color from board to board that brings a modern space to life and makes each room have that special contemporary feel that only strand woven bamboo can.

Discount Bamboo Flooring

But the BEST quality bamboo flooring. Our bamboo goes through rigorous product quality testing. Each piece must meet our own set standards for quality and sustainability meaning you’re going to get a 1st quality bamboo floor in every box.

Still have questions?

What else can we tell you about bamboo flooring from WeShipFloors? Speak with one of our sales professionals at 1-844-356-6711. Or, send an email to [email protected].


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