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SUPERCore - SPC - BETTER than the rest!

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Why is SUPERcore better?...

  • STRONGER ...Supercore is over 2000 PSI, WPC floors (Coretec and others) are usually less than 800 psi.  Heavier items can be placed on SUPERcore without worry of denting the floor.  Have you ever dropped anything in the kitchen?  Think about it...

  • MONOLITHIC CORE...SUPERcore isn't several items glued together (which leads to failure) it is all heat formed at over 350 degrees making it one solid unit.  WPC floors (Coretec and others) do NOT like the sun or caster wheels on chairs which can make the top vinyl layer peal off.....not SUPERcore, it can handle them both no problem!

  • MORE STABLE...Supercore has almost ZERO expansion which means most homes need no mouldings between rooms

  • BETTER CLICK...Supercore's click gives you a 30% faster install time

  • USED MORE PLACES....We warrantee SUPERcore from -30 to 155 Degrees F

  • ANTI-SCRATCH COATED....SUPERcore has a UV Ceramic Bead coating that gives it excellent scratch resistance 

  • SUPERcore cost you LESS!  This is OUR floor, no one elses.  You are buying factory direct!

  • FREE SAMPLES are located in the individual SUPERcore page.....not the red button below.

  • Embossed

  • 20 mil commercial wear layer

  • Lifetime residential / 5 year light commercial Warranty

  • 1.5mm High Density EVA attached cushion

  • Install / Care Instructions

  • Warranty

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