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WeShipFloors wants to make your floor buying experience as enjoyable as possible; therefore we want to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that we receive. If you have a question that you don’t see answered here, please contact us to speak with a customer representative at 1-423-297-4288 or by email at [email protected]

Q. Who can buy from WeShipFloors?

A. Anyone. If you’re in the market for flooring we want to be your provider. However, we do charge a $100 handling fee for orders less the 350 square feet. So, no matter if you’re a DIYer revamping your home, a contractor representing a construction company, or a contemporary designer, our prices will be there whether you buy a pallet or container of flooring.

Q. Which forms of payment do you accept?

A. WeShipFloors accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal, bank drafts (also referred to as cashier's checks or money orders), and wire transfers.

Q. Do we ship to Canada?

A. No. We will however, ship to a freight forwarding company of your choice. Locate the freight forwarder that you want to work with and provide that address for shipping estimates.

Q. Can you explain your shipping process to residences?

A. Our website is geared to calculate residential delivery. This delivery service includes drop deck service which means the product will be unloaded for you, unless it is oversized. This delivery service also includes a phone call appointment prior to delivery. This allows you time to coordinate around weather conditions and prepare the day with help from family or friends if needed.  Please be sure to discuss any challeanges that delivery to your location may inpose.  Everyone needs to be informed so that we can make the delivery process as smooth as possible. Regardless, our flooring is heavy and does require proper equipment and possibly additional persons to accept the delivery.

Q. Do you offer installation services on your products?

A. No, WeShipFloors does not offer installation services at this time, nor do we refer our customers to any installer or installation firms. We find it best to research installers in your regional area.

Q. Does WeShipFloors offer any discounts to tradespeople?

A. We operate on very small margins in order to give you the best prices up front. We keep it simple by providing the best price up front along with daily discounts on most items. Sometimes, we can do deeper discounts when quanitites exceed 5,000sf.

Q. Can I see the product before I place an order?

A. We now have a brick-and-mortar store; if you are a local customer you can come to see what we have on display. If you are not so close to us, just shop on our website and click the sample buttons of the products you want. We send them out Priority 2nd day delivered to your mailbox so you can get them fast.

Q. When will my order arrive? Can you give me an exact date?

A. Our website is geared to default shipping service with RLcarriers with residential delivery. IF YOU HAVE A COMMERCIAL ADDRESS - CALL US TO GET A REDUCED RATE! 1-844-356-6711 Sometimes, we choose a different carrier due to area delivery limitations and less than common routes.  Your invoice receipt will have a notation about the type of shipping service and the tracking number connected to the shipment. All carriers other than will be set up to automatically send you updates to your email.

- To track your order with R&L Carriers go to:

Input Tracking No. Ww4569871 (copy & paste) - this will generate a Pro#

If there is no Pro# then the database has not yet updated, or the shipment pickup had to be extended to the next day. 

Once the tracking updates reveal movement and the shipment has arrived at the “destination terminal” this means that it has docked at a terminal location near you and the carrier manager should be calling you to arrange a delivery to your home or job site for the next business day.  If you want to call the carrier manager ahead of time, do so by calling R&L Carriers at 800-543-5589 be sure to have the Pro# ready so they can access your shipment details.