When you’re in the market for a solid hardwood floor, bamboo floors, or for an oh-so-popular engineered hardwood floor, you’ll often notice something called an “Aluminum Oxide finish”.  It’s important to note, even though it’s probably not the first thing your eyes go to when shopping for new floors.  You’re more than likely looking at color, graining, etc.  However, the finish is one of THE most extremely important aspects when determining the life of your hardwood floor.

An aluminum oxide finish provides a top layer of scratch resistance to the hardwood.  It also guards against oxidization and seals the board’s top surface.  It’s almost like an additional shield to the wood.  An aluminum oxide finish is pure protection from the years of traffic the floor is sure to see.

The aluminum oxide finish is layered on each board and more times than not people look to those layers as a measure of board quality.  Typically, the number of coats of aluminum oxide will range from 5-10 layers for most premium wood floor products.

An aluminum oxide finish is applied to the floor to slow the process of UV color fading over time as well. In fact, it’s said that it can add decades to the floor’s color tone.  Now, fading is going to happen, particularly rooms that get a lot of direct sunlight, but the aluminum oxide finish helps negate the effects over time.

At WeShipFloors we want our consumers to be happy with their flooring purchase and recommend us to their friends and family. Keeping that new floor shine just as it was when it was first installed is a major selling point and the quality of the finish has a lot to do with just that.