You can get lifestyle-friendly flooring without sacrificing the stylish look of wood. Waterproof flooring options at now come in different materials (including real wood!) and styles that can suit any lifestyle, look, or budget.

Waterproof floors are a great idea when looking for floors that will suit a kid-friendly or pet-friendly space, but there’s important information about what makes a floor waterproof and the different materials available.

Here are some key things you need to know about water proofing and the types of waterproof flooring available at


When water typically makes contact with, and is left to pool on, wood or non-waterproof flooring, moisture will seep into the board and to the core of the plank, which will then expand and warp. When floorboards become water damaged, then the floor is irreversibly damaged and can begin to mildew.

When floors are waterproof, it means that it's constructed to prevent moisture from seeping through to the core. Waterproof means that immediate contact with water will not result in damage, but that you product is shielded from al forms of moisture over time.


SUPERCore Xtreme XL SPC Rigid Core Flooring

NEW and exclusive to, SUPERCore Xtreme XL SPC flooring is real waterproof hardwood in an 8mm thick board look. Offering exclusive technology that allows you to have the look of real hardwood floors in any room of your home and it can be installed in a flash! SUPERCore Xtreme XL offers a lifetime of protection against absorption and comes with an Aluminum Oxide coating that’s reinforced with every board's rigid limestone core for even more durability.


SUPERCore Xtreme SPC Rigid Core Flooring

Exclusive to, revolutionary SUPERCore is three times harder than a domestic Oak and TOTALLY WATERPROOF. SUPERCore Xtreme Rigid Core flooring can be installed throughout your home without the need for transition molding.

SUPERCore SPC planks are made of limestone and a 20% PVC mixtue to create one durable floor. Plus, they come in several wood-look styles with an embossed, textured surface. Its durability and the fact that it’s 1000% waterproof makes it suitable for full bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms as well.


SUPERCore Xtreme SPC Rigid Core Rectangle Tile

Exclusive to, SUPERCore Xtreme Rectangle Tiles are a waterprooof tile series that looks and feels like authentic stone tiles. Offering additional benefits, now there is a Rigid Core SPC option for every room in the house including kitchens, mudrooms, basements and even full bathrooms!


SUPERCore Xtreme SPC Rigid Core Herringbone

Found exclusively at SUPERCore looks and feels like wood and tile, but can be installed where real wood cannot. 100% waterproof allowing installation in virtually any room in the home. With zero acclimation time and an easy locking installation, you can have beautiful, natural looking waterproof flooring in no time!


SUPERCore Essentials SPC Rigid Core Flooring

Durability meets luxury in our SUPERCore Essentials line. With a rigid stone-based core, your floor is not only 100% waterproof but scratch and dent-resistant. 4.5mm SPC Plank with built-in foam backing is a great flooring choice that is quick and easy to install!

Waterproof flooring is great for any home or lifestyle. Shop a wide waterproof selection of looks at's online store. Plus, you can book a free Design Consultation by calling 1-844-356-6711 and work with a design expert that can help you find flooring that’s right for you.