There are a number of advantages to buying engineered or solid hardwood flooring, or waterproof products like SUPERCore online instead of at a retail store. The first and foremost advantage is the price. Online retailers have much lower overhead costs and typically those savings are passed right on to the consumer through reduced pricing.  And these are on items that are equivalent, and oftentimes better quality than you’ll find in the brick and mortar retail stores.  Additionally, when you shop for flooring online, you don’t pay a state sales tax (with the exception of Tennessee residents), therefore realizing even further savings on your hardwood, bamboo, or vinyl flooring purchase.

Another advantage – your floors are shipped straight to your home when you order offline. No borrowing a truck or getting some friends together to help get it to your house…. We bring it to you via freight carriers. These carriers gives us a great shipping rate which you are able to take advantage of and handles all the loading and unloading of your product. Don’t make buying new floors a back breaking experience, let us handle it.

When buying flooring online, consumers can use a number of avenues in order to make sure they are protected.  For example, purchase hardwood flooring online by using a check card or another entity PayPal, both of which provide additional protection services for the consumer.  Check to make sure that the company’s site verifies all transactions through a secure source, as well as for testimonials from previous customers.

Online shopping has become commonplace among American consumers over the past decade. Purchasing and distributing of goods have changed and so to have company’s business models to support this trend.  Making a hardwood flooring purchase online continues to support that trend. Your new wood floors are delivered straight from the mill to your home, thus bypassing any markup that would typically come from the distributor, followed by another markup from the retailer, an occasional markup from the installer, which could send your project over budget before it even reaches your home.  In the end, buying hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring, or vinyl online has too many advantages than not and makes more sense when you realize all the cost savings incurred.